Driving Shoes

Driving shoes might sound like a fashionable concept today but they are a lot more than that – they are extremely useful and comfortable when you are driving. Does that mean that you need to keep a pair of shoes in your car that you can change into when you drive? Not necessarily because the driving shoes that you get today can very well double up as just the shoe for any occasion as well.

Let’s take a look at what driving shoes should be like. For starters, they should have a sole that is just right, which translated, means not too thick and not too thin. This is to make sure that the pressure on the pedals is just right and also to ensure that huge soles don’t press down on two pedals together. Driving shoes should also be light so you can move your feet quickly. They should be flexible enough to enable your feet to move up and down easily. You should also take care to see that the soles of your shoes have a good grip and do not get too slippery when they get wet. It could get quite dangerous if it were raining outside and your wet soles slipped off the pedals.

Driving shoes made so much sense when they were launched but it seemed like they were niche products which only a few would buy. However, driving shoes seem to be making a lot of sense to many people and even if they do not keep a special pair in their cars, they wear driving shoes to keep them comfortable when driving and then walk out wearing them to wherever they are going.

Driving shoes are not terribly different from regular shoes. They might look just like a pair you have in your shoe cupboard. However, they will all be made keeping the rules of what driving shoes should be – the sole just the right thickness and not slippery, the whole shoe flexible and light. Driving shoes should not go up to the ankle because that is an impediment to quick and flexible movement between the pedals.

Driving shoes might have started off as a necessity filling a very important need because it involves safety but today, it’s gone a step further. There is a wide range of driving shoes available and most large shoe brands offer driving shoes as well. In a scenario like this, there’s bound to be the fashion element entering the world of driving shoes as well.

Patrick Cox Driving Shoes

Patrick Cox have a great diving shoe in their range called the Maurris Tie Driving Shoes.

They are available in a range of colours including red, blue and purple and are made of suede featuring a traditional lace.

If you want a pair of driving shoes that are comfortable, stylish and modern then take a closer look at these Patrick Cox driving shoes.

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Driving Shoes at Amazon.co.uk

You might be surprise to know that Amazon.co.uk have a great range of driving shoes.

Although the online retailer is usually associated with books and DVD they also have a large range for clothing from lots of brands and retailers and driving shoes are no exception!

They have lots of driving shoes at low prices including items from Ted Baker, Rockport, Top Gear, Kenneth Cole and many more.

The range of driving shoes available to buy from Amazon.co.uk range from £13 right up to over 100s of pounds.

Amazon.co.uk also have low priced delivery options and they can have the shoes to your door in less than 24 hours in some cases so if you need them in a hurry they are definitely worth a look.

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Driving Shoes for Women

Although there seems to be more Driving Shoes for Men there are also lots of Driving Shoes for Women available to buy online. So if you want a pair of shoes for driving or just like the style of driving shoes there are plenty to choose from.

What to Wear with Driving Shoes?

Women’s Driving Shoes can be worn with lots of different outfits making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They look great with chinos or other smart casual trousers and also work well with skirts and shorts making them an ideal shoe to take on your holidays and are great to have to hand on warmer days. Not only are they stylish but driving shoes are very comfortable and are ideal for lots of different activities – not just driving!

The Redfoot Diana Folding Driving Shoe is one great example of a great driving shoe for Women. The Diana’s are stylish, comfortable and very practical as they can be folded up and stowed away in the glove box or even a small bag to be pulled out when required. There are made from very soft leather and are available in an array of colours to suit your wardrobe and even your car!

The Elba Women’s Driving Shoe is another example of a popular shoe of this type. You can tell they have been designed with driving in mind but thanks to their stylish touches this pair of driving shoes for Women look as good outside of the car as they perform inside it. Due to their high level of comfort they are also great for walking and other outdoor pursuits.

Kurt Geiger Devo Driving Shoe

The Devo is stylish and of a high quality finish that will last as long as your car! Not only are these Kurt Geiger driving shoes great for wearing whilst at the wheel they look good with a wide range of outfits from suits to shorts. Match the Devo driving shoes with a suit and you are good for any business deal. Pair them with some chino shorts and a polo shirt and you have the Beach and Bar look down to a tee.

The good selection of colours these driving shoes come in gives you lots of options. Why not get a pair to match your car or get a few pairs to match your favourite outfits? With these loafers in your wardrobe you will be covered for almost all occasions.

If you want a quality driving shoe from a quality brand that won’t break the bang the KG Devo should be at the top of your list.

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Topman Driving Shoes

Topman is arguably the top high street fashion retailer in the UK and perhaps around the world. When Topman or Top Shop launches a new item it is almost guaranteed to become a hit and the Topman Driving Shoes are no exception. Designed with fashion in mind these soft leather driving shoes are equally at home in the office, the club or in the foot well of your car! In a stylish brown finish the Top Map driving shoes are made from 100% leather and are comfortable as well as being sturdy enough for everyday wear. They can be easily slipped on and off and making driving feel that little bit more stylish even if you are powering a banger around town! But saying that they are just as suited to a more up market car and won’t let you down when you arrive at your destination and step out of the car!

If you want a stylish and great value pair of driving shoes head over to Topman and check out their range.

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